New Beginnings … Sort Of

So it’s the end of the 3rd day of January and I am just now getting to one of my resolutions: write more often. I actually came into this New Year with the intention of writing every day, but as Sister Hazel would say, “Life got in the way.” Actually, it’s been a deliberate set of circumstances that have kept me from the keyboard.

My kids were fortunate to go to Washington D.C. with their mother the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I love the many travel opportunities they’ve been afforded over the years, but that also means that when they travel with their mom, I don’t get to see them for days at a time. Naturally, upon their return, I was itching to spend as much time with them as possible.

Given they’re still out of school for winter break, and I have the benefit of working from home, these last several days have meant catch up time with the kids. That includes helping Natalie put together a new desk for her room, taking her to soccer practice, staying up late watching TV, and, of course, countless hours playing video games on the PS3 with Daniel.

So when it comes down to it, I’ll gladly trade time at the computer writing for more time with my kids. Even as I put this post together, I am in the living room, my kids on each side of me, as they watch Journey 2: The Incredible Island (for the 100th time I might add. My daughter has a thing for Josh Hutcherson).

The New Year resolution thing hasn’t all been a wash. I’ve managed to eat much better these past three days, made entries in my 5 Year Journal, and I even got a good workout in today (30 minute bike ride while Natalie was at soccer practice). Although I have some long-term goals in mind, I am taking a page from my wife’s awesome idea of daily resolutions. Each day I want to figure out what I want to accomplish for that day and achieve it, each success a stepping stone to completing a greater goal.

But whether I lose the weight, write the blog, finish the book, or just remember to change the AC filter on a monthly basis, none of it matters if I don’t create quality time with my kids. New Year’s resolutions come and go, but being the best dad I can be is a once is a lifetime opportunity, and that’s something I resolved to do from the moment my kids were born.

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