214/365 Making A Plan

As we work to re-launch the Social Media Club Tampa Bay, we met tonight to discuss the planning of an event we’ll be hosting on August 25. The event will be a panel discussion featuring representatives from Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp! (with the possibility of adding representatives from other social media platforms), all of whom will be in Tampa covering the Republican National Convention.

It’s going to be fun and exciting event, and I am very much looking forward to being a part of it.


211/365 Right On, Target

Essentials. You need them. And there are times you just need to take an hour to make a quick run to the store. Paper towels, cat food, bottled water, that new video game for my PS3 (yes, the word essential is indeed relative).

And thus began the trek to our local neighborhood Target.

As we perused the aisles, looking back and forth at what it is we needed, we came across these cleverly packaged boxes of tissue.

There are some times when you just have to let you inner child run free.

The result:

208/365 The Write Stuff

Even though it’s waaaaayyyyyy across town for us, Lee and I are members of the Brandon Christian Writers. To use their words, BCW is “a place for Christian writers of all genres to gather for fellowship, encouragement, and learning.”

The other members are all so very friendly, constructive, and inviting, and Lee and I always leave the monthly meeting reinvigorated to write.

Regardless of your trade, profession, craft, or hobby, if you want to get more out of it, I invite you to find a group in your area that is devoted to what you do. It’s in sharing and experiencing together both the successes and failures that we truly learn. And as my college marketing professor used to say, “If you’re not learning, you’re dying.”

207/365 Just Rewards

So I got this email from my employer. It read something like this (I’m para-phrasing):

“Just wanted to let you know we did away this year with the employee reward program (because we’re money-grubbing *bleep*holes beholden only to Wall Street). But since you’re a trooper and have stuck around this long, we want to give you an old-fashioned pat on the back for a job well done. People like you – you know … gluttons for punishment – are hard to find, and in our own evil, sadistic way, we want to pretend like we care and have you hang around for five or even ten more years. After all, what do we care? We froze your pension in 2006. So here’s a catalog of worthless crap you can choose from. We really don’t care considering it’s all paid for by those merit increases you don’t get every year. So, have fun and keep doing whatever it is you do for us.”

Of course, I may have read the letter incorrectly. On the plus side; free blender.