First Posting

How cool will it be in nine years when today’s date will be 11-12-13?  OK, maybe not that cool, but cooler than you because all you’re doing right now is reading my blog!  So this is my first attempt at keeping an online journal.  Don’t know why an online journal is called a blog.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to call it something like Onjo or cy-di (for cyber diary)?  I hear blog and I think I need to lose weight.  Damn those carbs!!

So normally I really enjoy Friday nights (not that I am writing this entry on a Friday night).  OK, not only am I writing this on a Friday, the Rug Rats are on the TV in the background.  Please stop staring at the large ‘L’ on my forehead. It’s not nice to stare.  So anyways, Friday’s used to mean college football on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday.  I say used to not because it’s February (although spring is depressing for football fans), but because my teams have no chance at winning a championship in their respective leagues.

The team that owns my soul is the University of Miami Hurricanes.  Granted, as of this posting they still can win a share of the ACC and make it to a BCS bowl.  But as any self respecting Cane fan will tell you, conference titles are not the goal.  National titles is the measure of success.  In a way, we can relate to the expectations of Yankee fans (and quite coincidentally, UM was once considered the evil empire of the NCAA).  But 2LiveCrew aside, UM has had one of the most consistent and dominating programs in the past 20 years.  Even in the days of NCAA probation (thanks again, Dennis Erickson.  Ironic justice you are now a … Beaver), Miami did not drop to the depths which teams like Nebraska and Notre Dame now face.  Now, after stunning losses to UNC (in football, NOT basketball) and Clemson (which I am obliged to hate as a Tulane alum), Miami is a marginal Top 25 team and has no shot of winning the Sears Trophy.  The only redeeming factor is that we beat FSU (AGAIN!!) and can still make it into a BCS game.

Now…. that’s nothing compared to the team that owns my heart.  Yes, I am referring to the floundering Fins.  Someone forgot to remind H. Wayne that Dolphins are mammals and his front office management style has been the equivalent of placing a lid on the tank.  Not only has the team choked, the fans are suffocating in frustration and humiliation.  Given the status of the season, we all would rather be toking in Asia with Ricky than spending our entertainment dollars at the stadium formerly known as JRS.  The only redeeming factor would be for the Fins to pull a 1989 Cowboys season and obtain the #1 overall pick next year.  Remember, the Cowboys drafted some kid named Emmitt Smith after finishing 1-15. But alas, Dolfans! Rick Spielman is no Jerry Jones.  So instead of ending up with Reggie Bush or Matt Leinert, we will trade picks for some retreads and have to stock up again on Tums and Scotch.

So as we head into another meaningless pigskin weekend for Miami fans, I have only one thing to say.  GO HEAT!

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