Sometimes in life, in order for us to grow, we need to be challenged. We may not want it, but the Lord gives it to us anyway because He knows we can handle it. This poem is a metaphor about surrendering fear and anxiety to His will. The Lord is faithful, and He always comes through.


I stand in the stream
And I cast my line
I wait and I wait
Everything seems just fine

No nibbles or bites
It’s time to re-cast
So I hurl it again
The new replaces the last

I stand and I wait
No action to be found
The fish ignore bait
Though I’m the only one around

Once again a re-cast
But my line becomes stuck
Is it a hook in a fish
Or is the hook in the muck

I tug and I yank
Using more force than the norm
And my line it goes flying
Like a leaf in a storm

It sails and it carries
Much too far than I prefer
Where the water is deeper
And causes my emotions to stir

I wade further and further
Outside my own comfort zone
As I follow my line
Into a greater unknown

My thoughts are all scrambled
No longer thinking of fish
“Please keep me safe, Lord.”
Is all that I wish

Then all of the sudden
My line it goes taut
And I spend the next moments
With the fish that I fought

Gone was the fear
That crept into my day
Replaced by the victory
That’s found after you pray

My plan it was altered
By His will divine
What I thought uncertain
Turned out just fine

A lesson of blessing
That always holds true
Triumph in tough times
When you keep God with you


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