What should normally be another Saturday of college football has given way to the results and reactions of this crazy election week. Half the country is smiling. The other half, not so much. Debates are sure to ensue along with lawsuits and news coverage and people with signs and people with guns and, most importantly, narratives.

Lots and lots of conflicting narratives.

So in the spirit of football, I am going to punt my blog entry today because I cannot put into words what I am feeling any better than what Andy Stanley shared about narratives in his sermon from October of 2019. (For the record, Andy Stanley is a world-class communicator, and I am sure I will never be able to put anything into words better than he does.)

“Our internal narratives, it fuels our pride, it fuels our racism, it fuels our prejudice, it fuels our fear, and maybe worst of all it blinds us to our inter-dependency on others.

False narratives are difficult to overcome; they’re very, very, very difficult to overcome, and here’s why: Because our narratives are shaped by things that we have no control over. Our narratives are shaped by where we are in the world.” – Andy Stanley

“It blinds us to our inter-dependency on others.”

Whether you’re blue or red, liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, SEC fan or Big 10 (pfft….the Big 10 is so overrated) … the fact of the matter is that now more than ever we cannot lose sight of our inter-dependency on others. Be it in our households, our places of work, our communities, or our country as a whole. We will never agree on all things, but we can agree that united is better than divided.

And by challenging the narratives we tell ourselves and examining the thoughts that shape our biases, we can inch closer to togetherness.


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