201/365 Part Of The Club?

I love my circle of friends, especially those with whom I run in social media circles. Today, we met up with the idea of launching a Tampa chapter of Social Media Club. It was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones that share my passion of social media.

Here’s hoping tonight’s meeting leads to very awesome things in the Tampa Bay area.

158/365 See You Next Year

Today was my last day of tutoring at Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Tampa, FL. My church sponsors and coordinates a tutoring and mentoring program for the kids at BTW, and it’s been an absolute privilege being able to take part in the program this year.

My kid, Jose, is a great kid. Not without his own challenges, he’s a good kid and a good student. It’s a little tough considering he’s in a one-parent household, and I don’t think he gets the reinforcement and positive support any kid that age should get on a regular basis. My interaction with him this school year has been as much about turoring as it has been about being someone who is consistently there for him.

I know summer is a time for fun and vacations, but I am really looking forward to the next school year already so Jose and I can pick up where we left off this afternoon.

151/365 Date Night

Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers …. I’m on all their mail lists, and from time to time I like to take advantage of the deals they have to offer.

Back in February, I jumped on this deal for $50 of dining at a Malio’s, a steakhouse in downtown Tampa, for $25. We never got around to making reservations until I remember last week that I still had that coupon. So tonight, we ate steak …. 44 ounces to be exact.

The food was okay and the service was decent, but in terms of an overall dining experience, Malio’s goes on the ‘Not A Repeater’ list.

102/365 Wednesday Workspace

On Wednesdays I tutor at Booker T. Washington Elementary in Tampa. It’s part of an outreach program put together by Relevant Church. Although the program has been in place for a couple of years now, this is my first year being a part of it.

What kept me from being involved before was a matter of logistics. Living in New Tampa and working in Temple Terrace, there was no way I could get down to the Ybor ditrict of Tampa on my lunch break, work with a student for an hour, and get back to work within a reasonable time frame. I would have to take half the day off if I tried to do that.

But God has His way of providing a solution, and the happy medium to my logistical issue was to have me work from my church on Wednesdays. The church is only 5 minutes from the school, and since I have the capability of telecommuting with my current job, working from my church is really no different than working from home (except I can’t hang around all day in my PJ’s at church).

So come hump day, I give up my cozy office chair for a bar stool and large counter top. And when I think of my kid at BTW and how his face lights up when he sees me, it’s all totally worth it.