It Is Fleeting

Inertia can be a powerful thing. As we learned in school, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Life has its parallels to inertia. Once we get busy or lost in the routine of day to day, we tend to keep on moving with the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

Until something makes it all stop.

The Tampa Bay community lost a remarkable and talented person last Friday. Susie Steiner was CEO of ExecuTran Services Inc., as well as co-founder of StartUp Weekend Tampa Bay. Not only was she an influential and dynamic business leader, she was also a warm, fun loving woman who had the ability to light up a room. I had the pleasure of working with Susie in the past, but more importantly, I have the honor of being able to have called her a friend.

As with most things in life, however, the opportunities for us to interact became fewer and fewer as time passed by.

The news of her passing was like a ton of bricks. Instantly, shockingly, and inexplicably she was gone. That next time for us to get together will never be. The reality that I won’t see her again still hasn’t set in. The surreal feeling about her no longer being with us is like a fog in my brain.

Susie loved enjoying life. Be it her business, her entrepreneurial endeavors, or game night at her house, there was a vivacious spirit about everything she did. She was electrifying and beautiful both inside and out. Interacting with her on Twitter and Facebook always brought a smile to my face, and I will forever cherish the fun memories we shared on Rock Boat XI. Susie’s work and determination will always be an inspiration to me. Her spirit will live on in the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who had the pleasure of knowing her. Her passing is saddening, but there’s no doubt her life will be celebrated and remembered for years to come.

Still, I can’t help but wish there was one more opportunity to hang out with Susie. One more evening of telling stories, sharing laughs, and just watching her enjoy life to the fullest. How I wish this past weekend was not a reminder of how fleeting life can be, and how we all must make the time to create the moments that really matter.

As we remember Susie and say goodbye to radiant person she was, I can’t help but think of the lyrics from a Billy Joel song. “So many faces in and out of my life, some will last, some will just be now and then. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes, I’m afraid it’s time for goodbye again.”


Image via FB/KimRandall
Image via FB/KimRandall


Rest in Peace, Susie. May your beauty remain forever emblazoned in our memories, and your brilliance shine forever in our hearts.

Democracy 2.0

Lee and I love being geeks together, and part of that mutual geekdom leads us to get involved in events like Democracy 2.0, a panel discussion featuring representatives from Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp. The event is being hosted by Social Media Club Tampa Bay, a group of which Lee and I are members.

To add to the awesome geekiness, here is some pre-event coverage we received thanks to Jeremy Campbell and our friends at Fox 13 News in Tampa.

If you’re in Tampa on Saturday, August 25 and can make it to the event, we’d love to have you join us.

214/365 Making A Plan

As we work to re-launch the Social Media Club Tampa Bay, we met tonight to discuss the planning of an event we’ll be hosting on August 25. The event will be a panel discussion featuring representatives from Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp! (with the possibility of adding representatives from other social media platforms), all of whom will be in Tampa covering the Republican National Convention.

It’s going to be fun and exciting event, and I am very much looking forward to being a part of it.


201/365 Part Of The Club?

I love my circle of friends, especially those with whom I run in social media circles. Today, we met up with the idea of launching a Tampa chapter of Social Media Club. It was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones that share my passion of social media.

Here’s hoping tonight’s meeting leads to very awesome things in the Tampa Bay area.

050/365 It’s In The Bag

Another heart-pounding weekend of soccer for the Wesley Chapel Soccer Club U12 Girls Team wrapped up with a roller-coaster finals game against the host club Florida Soccer Club – Spirit of Tampa Bay.

The MVP of the match was …. the wind.

The Spirit stormed out to an early and shocking two goal league, both scored with the wind at their back. At the half, we hoped the girls from the WCSC Flames team would keep their heads up and use the wind to their advantage as well.

And did they.

With every shot or pass that got through to my daughter Natalie, the goalie, she would flip the field by booming a punt 3/4 of the way to the other goal and letting her forwards track down the ball and put it on goal. Time and time again they came so close to putting it in the net, but things looked hopeless when the game got to about two minutes left and the Flames saw themselves still trailing by one goal.

As play continued, the ball was cleared to mid-field where the Natalie’s friend Giselle, playing as one of only two defenders given the formation was adjusted in an attempt to score, put a foot on the ball and it began to soar. What was meant to be a pass ended up being a wind-carried shot that left the opposing goalie baffled and tied the game seconds before time expired.

In overtime, the Flames exploded with two quick goals in the first overtime period, and then solidified the win with a third goal at the end of the second overtime period.

Both teams played well, and the Flames sat patiently as the Spirit received their runner-up medals. Although it was disheartening when they found out their prize for winning the tournament championship game was a bag (yes, a pull-string shoe bag), the girls were all smiles as they held up the championship trophy.

Job well done, ladies.