Steak N My Heart

Steak N My Heart

Lee and I met on February 15, 2005. Since then, we’ve never gone out to celebrate Valentine’s┬áDay. Instead, she and I celebrate what we affectionately refer to as our Valenversary. It’s great because we’ve never had a problem securing a reservation for the day after Valentine’s.

This year, we wanted to do something completely different. Lee and I love steak, and we wanted to try a steakhouse neither one of us had been to previously. At the recommendation of friends, we tried Rococo Steak in St. Petersburg. It was, simply put, amazing. My steak was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had, and Lee’s was even better.

The service at the restaurant was impeccable and the overall ambiance was comfortable (albeit different). Still, if you’re looking for great steak in the Tampa Bay area, Rococo is a can’t miss.

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As for our anniversary, it’s been an amazing thirteen years.┬áThirteen years ago, I was aflutter in chaos and personal darkness. I was perhaps as far away from God as I’d ever been in my life. Yet in that darkness, God found me and blessed me with a shimmer of light and introduced me to the woman I would go on to marry.

We were both burdened with a sense of broken. We were both meandering through life, aware of who God is, but not in any particular hurry to get back to Him. I firmly believe God used Lee to steer me back to His gracious protection and vice versa.

Thirteen years ago tonight I was greeted on a blind date with an amazing smile and a surprisingly firm handshake. Looking back, I am so lucky and blessed Lee firmly grabbed my heart and decided to never let go because she has saved me in so many ways.

Democracy 2.0

Lee and I love being geeks together, and part of that mutual geekdom leads us to get involved in events like Democracy 2.0, a panel discussion featuring representatives from Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp. The event is being hosted by Social Media Club Tampa Bay, a group of which Lee and I are members.

To add to the awesome geekiness, here is some pre-event coverage we received thanks to Jeremy Campbell and our friends at Fox 13 News in Tampa.

If you’re in Tampa on Saturday, August 25 and can make it to the event, we’d love to have you join us.

181/365 SMB OMG

Part of what makes my life so blessed is how I am able to fill it with live music. Every now and then, I get to make the leap from fan in the audience to friend of the performer. Such is the case with the Sarah Mac Band from Tallahassee, FL.

Three years ago, Lee and I were introduced to their music at Rock by the Sea. A year later, as volunteers for the event, we got to share a house with them during the event. Whenever they made their way to the Tampa Bay area, we made it a point to attend their shows. Now, after having invested of ourselves in their craft, Lee and I are fortunate to call Sarah, Clare, and Charlie friends.

And tonight we got to partake in that friendship as SMB played the intimate and deliciously quaint Hideaway Cafe in St. Petersburg. In addition to experiencing some amazing music – both tracks with which we were already familiar as well as new material from their upcoming new album – Lee and I got to share some time afterwards with the three band members.

It was a wonderful evening that could have been made better only if Charlie had played in a doo rag and with his chain wallet in full display.