Serenity Saturday

…..since we’re spending the weekend on the pitch for the Florida State Cup tournament. Go Wesley Chapel Flames!


soccer field


“I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.” – Abby Wambach


183/365 Sunday Lazy Sunday

So after a busy Saturday that was full with cleaning and tidying and yard work, Lee and I chillaxed some today.

Coming from home following church, we grabbed a bite, picked up some beers, and parked ourselves in front of the TV to watch the finals of the Euro 2012 football tournament. Given Spain’s dominance in the game, it ended up become the perfect time to take a nap.

As for the aforementioned brewskies, I think I may have stumbled across a new favorite. The best part is it’s from a brewery right here in Tampa.

174/365 Packing Again?

Having just returned from vacation, the last thing I want to do is pack again (especially since I am still not completely unpacked from my trip).

This, however, is a quite different given the packing is for Natalie as she prepares to head out to residential soccer camp at USF. It’s pretty weird knowing it won’t be long before she’s packing to go off to college.

148/365 Rising Up

Today, my daughter’s soccer team took on one of the top-ranked U13 Girls teams in the state of Florida. The Sunrise Sting had not allowed a goal in the Disney Memorial Day Soccer Shootout tournament, and there was a lot of chatter about our girls facing such competition, especially since they’ve been playing 11 v 11 for only a couple of months.

I think I speak for all the parents of our club when I say I could not be more proud of the level of effort our girls displayed on the pitch. The competition was fast, the opposing girls were fierce, and the intensity was a notch above anything else they’d previously experienced.

And they rose up to the occasion.

Thanks to an aggressive attack on the net, our Flames were awarded a direct kick following the opposing goalie taking out one of our forwards as she broke away with the ball. The set piece allowed for another one of our girls to float the kick over the opponent’s wall, and sneak the ball just under the crossbar in the top corner of the goal. It was the only score they’d need as both Natalie and her goalie partner Jannae pitched a shutout.

The 1-0 victory secured a 3-0 record in their bracket, and a #1 seed in the semi-finals.

The reward? More nail-biting, anxiety, and increased blood pressure for me on Monday morning.