060/365(6?) Leap of Joy

When I first started keeping this daily blog, I was reminded by a friend of mine that we’re in a leap year and my posts should be xxx/366 instead of 365.

So here we are on Leap Day and I am still referring to a 365 day year. Perhaps I should have gone back and corrected the numbering on all my earlier posts.

Especially after a night like tonight in which Lee and I kicked off a new growth group through church. We will be covering the 4:8 Principle, which is a study of the Bible verse Phillipians 4:8, and is centered around finding joy in all that we do.

After all, who couldn’t use an extra day of joy in their lives?


059/365 Sin Manos

…..or hands free.

Stopped by the Verizon Wireless store to pick up some accessories for my phone. The first is the Droid Roadster which allows for hands free use of my phone in my car. We have one in Lee’s vehicle, and I was so impressed by how well it works, I decided to pick one up for myself. The best part of the Roadster is that it also doubles as an FM transmitter, so I can use the speakerphone function through my truck’s stereo.

The other item is a traditional, corded headset. I’ve had the need to be on several conference calls lately using my cell phone, and this headset is perfect for what I need it to do.