101/365 Suck It

That title is directed to the negative forces that tried to knock me off my rock today.

As I’ve mentioned before, the growth group Lee and are leading is studying the book The 4:8 Principle. The core of the message is to focus our thoughts on all things that merit praise, and to not dwell on the negatives.

Well, the negatives began this afternoon when I noticed one of our cats had tinkled on the kitchen counter for some reason. “Breathe, Gil. Relax. Just clean it up and move on.” That was me employing my 4:8.

I wiped up the pee and searched underneath the sink for the cleaner/sanitizer. If you’re like me, then you can appreciate the cluster *bleep* the ‘under the sink’ can be. As I reached for bottle after bottle, I noticed some of them were wet.

{insert ‘Oh Shit!’ moment here}

The good news is it was not a leak from the plumbing or anything like that. But the hose on my faucet was leaking and had the whole under-sink area flooded.

“Stay calm, Gil. You can handle this.”

At first I thought I’d have to get a whole new faucet, but upon further inspection, I realized I just needed to replace the hose (difference between $100 and $10).

Still, I had all this water underneath my sink to deal with. My super awesome neighbor Brad lent me his wet vac, but since I had to take my daughter to practice, clearing out the water would have to wait.

I drop off my daughter and head over to the Home Depot in Wesley Chapel (not the one I normally go to by my house). I find the replacement hose for my faucet, and as I go to check out what do I see? A brand new Ridgid wet vac (out of box floor model) on sale for $50.

See? Staying positive and employing the 4:8 principle does lead to increased joy.