There are times when the last thing I want to do is write a blog post. The idea of putting together 500+ words together coherently and intelligently just feels overly daunting. So instead, I surrendered to my inner poet and wrote about how tired I’ve been feeling as of late.



The ache
The pain
The soreness
Both physical and mental

Gravity is compounded
Weight upon weight
With no relief in sight
The hurt continues

Another day of work
Another day of tasks
Another day of hoping
For moments like this to pass

I try to breathe
But my shrunken lungs wail
My muscles tremble
Rebelling against what I ask them to do

The well is deeper than I first thought
The tunnel is longer
And darker
And scarier

I long not for joy
Nor pleasure
Just relief
Simple, unadulterated relief

It will come
I know this
I believe this
I so desperately hope

But until then
My distress goes on
And through teary eyes
I seek desperately for relief

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