Fellowship and Inspiration

I love my writers group. Every month, Lee and I trek down to Brandon to enjoy in the community and fellowship that is Brandon Christian Writers. The group is so supportive, and every time we meet I learn something new about writing, publishing, editing, etc. And the talent that is displayed as we share and critique each other’s work is astounding.

We had a great meeting this evening, and it left me feeling inspired and eager to write. I feel I’ve been slacking as of late, and this image pretty much sums up of what I need to remind myself daily.


Image found via Pinterest via funeralformyfat.tumblr.com
Image found via Pinterest via funeralformyfat.tumblr.com


196/365 Rain Delay

So after taking care of the much needed yard work – we’ve had so much rain this past month I basically have to mow the lawn twice a week – I started tackling the long overdue task of cleaning out my garage. Of course, that means taking everything out of the garage in order to arrange and re-arrange it back into the garage. Of course this plan only works if it’s not raining. Yep, you guessed it. As soon as I got everything situated outside of the garage, that afternoon rains rolled in.

NOT cool!

Following the rain delay, the motivation to finish the project was gone. Guess I’ll be tackling that on Sunday.