131/365 That’s The Way The Ball Bounces

One of the reasons I’ve always insisted on my kids taking part in organized sports is the life lessons the games and competitions provide. Take tonight as an example. The lesson: No matter how ready you think you are, if you fail to execute properly, you will most likely not succeed. The other lesson: I really stink at coaching.

Daniel’s recreational basketball team fell in the first round of the league’s playoffs tonight, and part of it was because my kids were significantly out-coached. Yes, we had our opportunities and the other team significantly rose to the occasion, but the crux of why we lost was because the opposing coach had developed a great scheme on offense, it caught us by surprise, and I didn’t do a good job in having my kids adjust.

It was a heart-breaking, two point loss, but one that will serve, in the long term, as one of those character-building memories for the boys on the team (I hope). I guess there’s always next year.