199/365 Batman Bonanza

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises on Friday night, I decided to take this week – the week before my kids are gone for 10 days with their mom on a summer vacation trip to North Carolina – to introduce my children to Christopher Nolan’s magnificent interpretation of the legendary DC Comics hero.

When Batman Begins was first released in 2005, my kids were still a little too young to experience the dark portrayal of the iconic figure, not to mention how Gotham and the villainous character of the Scarecrow were represented on the silver screen.

Now that they’re older, it’s time to queue up the Amazon Prime streaming and make some popcorn. So with giddy anticipation, let Batman Week Begin!

155/365 Family Sunday

There are times when things just work out and come together.

I’ve mentioned before how my ex and I do not maintain a regular schedule with regards to our kids. We really do play-it-by-ear on an almost daily basis, and today it was wonderful t have the kids with me all day.

The kids slept over Saturday night which meant they accompanied us to church in the morning. I love when they come with us because I take pride in providing a spiritual influence in their lives. Following church, we ate lunch together at Ruby Tuesday’s and followed that up with taking in a movie. It was quality time in which we were able to be together and make new memories together.

Where I would normally coordinate with my kids’ mom to either drop them off or have her come pick them up (they spend school night at their mother’s house due to the logistics/proximity of school), things worked out this evening where they got to stay the rest of the night.

So on this rare Sunday night where the kids are with me, it’s great to walk into the living room to see Natalie, Daniel, and Lee watching the MTV Music Awards: Natalie swooning over Josh Hutcherson, Lee swooning over Chris Hemsworth, and Daniel indifferent to everything except the iPod in his hand.


132/365 Friday Funday

I was supposed to get some tasks done – both work related and personal – Friday evening. However, after having picked up my kids and taking them to dinner, we came home and they both surprised me.

“Daddy, can we ride our bikes?”

I honestly wasn’t expecting this, and with the weather being as nice as it was, I figured, “Why not?”

I love riding bikes with my kids. It always brings me back to when they were much younger and we were still transitioning into normalcy following my splitting up from their mom. For me, riding bikes with my kids is a trip to my ‘happy place’, and I know I am quickly getting closer to the time when riding bikes with my kids will be a thing of the pass.

We filled the tires with air (it had been a while since we had ridden), and off we went. Around the block and through the neighborhood. We stopped at the park and enjoyed some plain ‘ol silly time. It’s memories I will cherish for as long as I live, and an opportunity I will seize every time, regardless of what’s on my To-Do list.


131/365 That’s The Way The Ball Bounces

One of the reasons I’ve always insisted on my kids taking part in organized sports is the life lessons the games and competitions provide. Take tonight as an example. The lesson: No matter how ready you think you are, if you fail to execute properly, you will most likely not succeed. The other lesson: I really stink at coaching.

Daniel’s recreational basketball team fell in the first round of the league’s playoffs tonight, and part of it was because my kids were significantly out-coached. Yes, we had our opportunities and the other team significantly rose to the occasion, but the crux of why we lost was because the opposing coach had developed a great scheme on offense, it caught us by surprise, and I didn’t do a good job in having my kids adjust.

It was a heart-breaking, two point loss, but one that will serve, in the long term, as one of those character-building memories for the boys on the team (I hope). I guess there’s always next year.