127/365 Somewhere More Familiar

The music family weekend continued as Lee and I trekked from Sarasota to West Palm Beach for SunFest. Well, not so much for SunFest as it was for NEEDTOBREATHE. Even though we’d seen them just last week at Rock by the Sea, we jumped at the opportunity to see them live again. Every show is amazing, and every show is a spiritual experience because of their music.

Besides, it also gave us an opportunity to once again take in a magical experience with our super-awesome friends.

Wednesday Urbana 01/52

So, in an effort to keep the creative juices flowing, and given the fact the tutoring program in which I participate brings me down to Ybor City in Tampa once a week, I’ve decided to borrow from my wife’s Wordless Wednesday idea and post a picture once a week. I plan to take the picture in urban settings – most likely in the Ybor City area – and manipulate it with one of several photo-effect applications I have on my phone. Quick, simple, and a hacky attempt to be artsy (which pretty much sums up me as a person).

So with out further adieu, I present to you my first contribution to Wednesday Urbana.