157/365 Movin’ On Up

Today was Daniel’s progression ceremony from elementary school. As excited I am at the prospect of him moving on to middle school, I do have to take pause when I look back on his educational journey at Double Branch Elementary in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Daniel was part of the first First grade class at DBES. I remember how much of a logistical inconvenience it was when his mother’s house got re-zoned for DBES. So instead of being under 2 miles from his elementary school, Daniel (and Natalie) was now over 5 miles from school. It doesn’t seem like a big difference, but when you consider that at the time, the only way from his mother’s house to the new school was one 30 MPH road, the difference went from 5 minutes to 20.

But that all seems so long ago now, yet at the same time like it was only yesterday.

I guess that is the part of parenting that is universal. Time flies and everything moves forward, and we’re left longing for what used to be …. for the time when our kids were smaller, younger, and more innocent. For with every tick of the clock, those little babies are one second closer to adulthood and the scary real world we try so hard from which to protect them.

But for now, I am going to relish my son’s elementary school accomplishments and do all I can to ensure he enjoys his last summer before transitioning into the bigger pond that is middle school.

Kudos to my little man for receiving the Gold Presidential Award for Educational Excellence (and for being such a stylish little devil).