Delightfully Different

I really hate Mondays. Even during the NFL season when Monday Night Football is in full swing, I still hate Mondays. However, sometimes Monday’s just have a way of working out.

On the heels of a successful showing a the Florida State Cup and three games in two days, my daughter’s soccer team had the night off. No practice. This meant a night of not seeing my daughter given I take her to her training sessions on Mondays. I feel I don’t get to see my kids nearly enough, and I know my daughter will be off to college (2017) before I can say, “Where did the time go?” So tonight, we did something completely different.

I took my daughter to dinner. Just the two of us. I let her pick the place – Bonsai Sushi – and let her order what she wanted. In a manner that is typical of my daughter and less and less surprising every day, she ordered off the menu. “I don’t see it here on the list, but this place has a Caterpillar roll and it’s really good.” Not only was it good, it was divine.

Caterpillar Roll
(Stock image. Not the actual roll we had.)

We followed up dinner with some dessert next door at Happy Cow. It’s our favorite frozen yogurt spot, and it’s definitely a treat. The toughest choice is always, “should I be good and get fat-free yogurt with fresh fruit toppings, or be bad? (i.e. everything that contains peanut butter in it)”


Happy Cow

Finally, she wanted to practice her driving, so we went to a secluded part of the housing development and worked on her fledgling driving skills.

Dinner, dessert, and driving: It was a 3D kinda night. If you had been standing in front of me, you might have seen my heart beat its way out of my chest. It was an evening I’ll cherish forever, and one that made an every day Monday turn out to be quite spectacular.


Natalie and Me

202/365 So Long For Now

Tomorrow morning my kids head off for a 10 day vacation in North Carolina with their mom and her family. It’s always tough being apart from my kids for an extended period of time, but I am so happy of how they get to take in so many new places and experiences.

So before I kick off a week sans the kiddos, we went out for dinner and some family hang out time.

It’s going to be long week.

195/365 Reconnecting

Life has a way of making friendship meander to and fro. It had been years since I’d connected with a work buddy of mine, and through life’s crazy twists and turns, it turns out he’s practically my neighbor now and living in the community next to mine.

So, what else do you do when you haven’t seen someone in years? Go out for dinner and drinks, of course. And tonight was pretty awesome as Lee and I met up with my friend Bryan and his wife Elizabeth at Stonewood Tavern. From there, we meandered over to World of Beer for a couple of cold ones.

It was really great to get reconnected with my long-time friend, and also to see Lee and Elizabeth hit it off so well. I know we’ll be getting together again very soon.


151/365 Date Night

Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers …. I’m on all their mail lists, and from time to time I like to take advantage of the deals they have to offer.

Back in February, I jumped on this deal for $50 of dining at a Malio’s, a steakhouse in downtown Tampa, for $25. We never got around to making reservations until I remember last week that I still had that coupon. So tonight, we ate steak …. 44 ounces to be exact.

The food was okay and the service was decent, but in terms of an overall dining experience, Malio’s goes on the ‘Not A Repeater’ list.

133/365 Meaty Momma

After an early morning across the bay for my daughter’s soccer games (yes, plural), we decided to take Patsy out for Mother’s Day a night early. Rather than flowers or store-bought gifts, we have a constructive present for my mother-in-law planned for Sunday. So, following a shower and a nap, Patsy, Lee, the kids, and I piled into the truck and headed out to Remington’s Steakhouse.

In related news, I love me some steak.