Hotline to God

Lee and I met this afternoon with Pastor David Rogers of CrossPointe Church in Valdosta. CrossPointe has been our church home these last several months as we’ve been residing in Hahira, GA, while we waited for our house to sell. The house sale is the last, big obstacle in our preparation to move to the Dominican Republic, and we were explaining this to Pastor David in our meeting.

I told David I trust God, but I’ve been reluctant to assume everything will be fine with our June 5 closing date because anything can happen. At the conclusion of our meeting, Pastor David prayed over us, and he specifically asked God to bless our calling and ensure a successful closing on our house.

Lee and I left the meeting and headed to our next appointment. It was during that drive that we received an email from our title company stating the buyers had requested we move the closing date to June 1 (this Friday!!!). After scrambling to make arrangements, we agreed to the new date. However, I honestly feel it was God immediately answering Pastor David’s prayer for us.

God is amazing and faithful and awesome!

Fast and the Furious (Stomach)

Fast and the Furious (Stomach)

I believe firmly in the power of prayer. I’ve seen miracles happen and have personally been impacted by prayer. But one thing I’ve never done as part of my prayer life is fast.

…until now.

In preparation for Easter, CrossPointe Church invited its congregation to take part in a fast from 6:00 PM Thursday to 6:00 PM Friday. Having been in the service last Sunday when this was announced, Lee and I decided to join the members of CrossPointe and fast. We have much about which to pray, specifically our house for sale in Tampa, and we know this period of sacrifice will allow us to focus on our conversations with God.

I am sure many people are like me, not too familiar with fasting or the how’s and why’s of fasting with regards to our prayer life. What I do know is that it’s a conscious effort on my part to be intentional with prayer. When I would normally stop to eat, I will fill that time with prayer. When I am feeling hungry, I will ignore what my stomach is telling me and spend time with God. Jesus sacrificed Himself for me. Surely I can sacrifice food for 24 hours.


Still, if you’re wanting to more information about how fasting improves your prayer life, visit the post below from

5 Ways Fasting Can Change Your Life

Life Group

Life Group

This evening, Lee and I joined Jeff and Lindsey for their LIfe Group through CrossPointe Church. It was hosted by Jeanie and Larry, and Charlie lead the discussion. I wish I could remember their last names, but the thing is we met so many people this evening, many of the names are a blur. I was taken aback by the turnout. It was truly remarkable.

Lee and I have been taking part in life groups with our church since 2009, and I know I would not be where I am today if not for the learning and shared experience of those weekly get-togethers with other members of my church. Life groups were, if you will, the prerequisites I needed in order to make the move to Bible college.

Still, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a group with such a healthy turnout as the one we saw tonight. It was so heartwarming to not only see so many members of CrossPointe make it to their life group, we also were received with such open and hospitable arms. Although we were guests, we were immediately made to feel as part of this church family.

Jeff and Lindsey are our spiritual advisors, and we sharpen each other with regards to matters of life and faith. I am so happy they’ve found such a vibrant and encouraging church home in CrossPointe.

Where you worship matters, and with whom you share your faith matters. God did not design us to do life by ourselves, and I greatly encourage you to plug into a life group (growth group, e-group, small group) should your church offer such a program. We grow in Christ when we celebrate our faith through fellowship with others.



Today we traveled to Hahira, Georgia, to spend the weekend with our good friends Jeff and Lindsey. We never need an excuse or a reason to make the three-hour drive up I-75 to their place, but in this case, we were invited to join them at their church for a concert by David Crowder.

I don’t know if it was the recent travel to/from the Dominican Republic, or the drive up to Georgia, or the eclectic mix of food I consumed over the past week, but my chest felt like a pressure cooker that needed to be released. Every time I swallowed, it would burn down my throat. I’ve had heartburn before, but this was a five-alarm type of situation. I sat through the opening band’s performance hoping the chest pain and headache would go away.

Long story short, I borrowed the keys to my friends’ Jeep, skipped the performance, and took a nap in their car. Maybe it was being able to get horizontal combined with the quiet of being alone in the parking lot, but I felt better after taking a series of five-minute naps.

I woke up to Jeff tapping on the window. Turns out they all had a really great time at the show, and I was happy they did. When I asked for their keys they offered to leave and drive me home, but I felt that wouldn’t be fair to them. Meeting in the middle turned out to be a win-win for all involved.

I wish there was a deeper, more philosophical idea to which I could refer, but sometimes the solutions to life’s little curveballs can be as simple as gracefully sitting it out for the evening.