096/365 Setting the Standard

I’ve written before about how I feel my vocation in life is to be an exceptional father. It’s something I feel I am blessed to be able to recognize as the calling that God wants me to follow.

That being said, I know I continue to stumble along the way as a dad. Not every moment is perfect, but I like to think I am not only doing the best I can, but also getting better at it every day.

As a blogger, one of the most fun things about writing is reading other bloggers’ work, connecting with them online, and engaging with them as part of this cyber-community. Through my growth group at church, I was introduced to the writing of Courtney Peterson. She happens to be the daughter of Renee and Mark Peterson, the couple who host our growth group every week in their home.

In perusing Courtney’s awesome work, I came across a post she wrote for Father’s Day last year. It left me speechless, and I immediately new THAT was my new standard for being a dad. It’s tough to measure or quantify your success as a parent, but if you have your child write you something like Courtney did for her dad, then you know you’ve done something amazingly right.

So to commend my friend Mark, I creepily stole ‘borrowed’ a picture from his Facebook of him with his daughter Courtney. Well done, Mr. Peterson. Well done indeed!