135/365 Chores Galore

I can say with a great amount of confidence, in a couple of hours I am going to crash big time as I come off this caffeinated craze in which I find myself right now, but until I do, this Monday night is chock-full-of stuff getting done. This usually happens as Lee and I reset after a string of busy weekends in which the day-to-day stuff gets ignored.

Laundry, dishes, bills, dusting, errands, more bills, etc. Tonight, the to-do list is my bitch.

Yes, I have a ‘system’ when it comes to folding clothes. Don’t judge. I embrace my O-C-D.

065/365 Time Flies

Today feels like it’s been non-stop from the moment I got out of bed. Seriously, I am looking at the clock right now and wondering where the *bleep* did the day go? Work had me slammed, then I was off to basketball practice for Daniel, then by the time I got home and settled in, it’s already time to get ready for bed. Wow, what busy day.