The Lives Project

The Lives Project is a written and musical collaborative effort to which Gil Gonzalez lends his writing and storytelling talents.  It is a creative project that will consist of four 6-song EP’s, four 6-chapter books, as well as an extensive online presence for both the overall project and the individual lead characters in story.

The brainchild of musician John Taglieri, ‘Lives’ was born from a series of songs written in early 2009. In the process of writing his songs, John realized there was a storyline in his latest round of compositions.  That’s when John contacted Gil with the idea to write a book that would match the story told in the lyrics of each song.  The result is an EP/book combination, with each track on the disk corresponding to each chapter in the book, and both media released in conjunction with each other.

Volume I introduces the reader to characters Cate Alston and Max Knight, and the story follows Cate and Max as they embark on a cross country adventure together, all the while highlighting the ups and downs they experience along the way.

Volume II picks up where Max and Cate left off and explores the journey of discovery from the perspective of Max Knight.  From his last glimpse of Cate, to his newfound passion for surfing, to his misadventures through the seedy streets of Las Vegas; Volume II witnesses Max’s emotional growth and personal destruction as he struggles to overcome himself and the memory of the girl that got away.

Volume III is set in the wild and rambunctious streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and it delves into the heart, mind and soul of Cate Alston and her continued experiences following her return home. The story follows Cate as she launches a career as an artist, loses herself in the revelry of Mardi Gras, and discovers a side of herself she never knew existed.

Volume IV will explore the continued ebb and flow of Max and Cate’s relationship, with each character forced to choose between moving forward with their lives and holding on to what might have been.

Although Volumes I and II are available via Amazon, this project is currently on hiatus.

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