Thirty Two Day Devotional

Back in 2013, I began diving into scripture on a more regular basis. It was also at this time that I felt God move me in a direction of ministry. I found certain verses from the Bible speak to me and resonate with both where I’ve been and where I want to go as a follower of Christ.

Image via Alfred Almond Bible Church
Image via Alfred Almond Bible Church

I pray the month’s worth of devotionals help you along your faith journey as they have helped me.

DAY 01                              DAY 02                              DAY 03                              DAY 04

DAY 05                              DAY 06                              DAY 07                              DAY 08

DAY 09                              DAY 10                              DAY 11                              DAY 12

DAY 13                              DAY 14                              DAY 15                              DAY 16

DAY 17                              DAY 18                              DAY 19                              DAY 20

DAY 21                              DAY 22                              DAY 23                              DAY 24

DAY 25                              DAY 26                              DAY 27                              DAY 28

DAY 29                              DAY 30                              DAY 31                              DAY 32

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