Without Listening

I wonder if you ever could hear me
The times we stayed up all night
Laughing, crying
Talking about all our dreams
And all of the life we’d share together

Did it all fall on deaf ears?
Were you there in the room with me?

We’d look into each other’s eyes
And we’d fall madly and hopelessly in love
All over again, all over each other
It was perfect
You were perfect
We were perfect together

But were you ever there?
Were you really hearing what we were saying?

Cause when push came to shove
You simply gave in
You talked about drowning in a puddle
When all you had to do was stand up
Please stand up
You never stood up

So I ask you

Were you ever there?
When I was giving my heart to you
My life to you
Were you there with me?

Or were you just loving me without listening?


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