To Be A Hazelnut

My thoughts about being a Sister Hazel fan.

There are things in life that are generally hard to understand except to those individuals involved in that particular subject matter.  Take for instance quantum physics, global exchange rates, and men’s obsession with baseball stats.  The same, in a way, can be said about being a Hazelnut.  For a vast majority of people, being a Hazelnut is akin to being a groupie or some sort of kool-aid drinking music geek.  For those of us fortunate to call ourselves Hazelnuts, it’s something completely different.

Let me tell you what being a Hazelnut means to me.  It means so much more than being a music fan.  It means not only knowing every lyric of every song, but also every meaning behind every lyric.  To me, being a Hazelnut means appreciating the history of the band and anticipating everything new and exciting that has yet to be released. From sharing memories of shows with old friends to introducing new fans to the band’s music, the most essential part of being a Hazelnut is being a member of a great community.

A community is a group sharing common characteristics or interests.  The Hazelnut community not only shares the common interest of music in general and Sister Hazel in particular, it also carries the common characteristics of compassion, service and charity.  It’s not just about following the band, but also about following our hearts and helping each other both individually and collectively.  Be it birthdays or bar mitzvahs, reasons to celebrate or moments to cry, the Hazelnuts create a community in which all can contribute and no one is made to feel alone.  It is rooted in love and hope, and it is this same love and hope we find in the band’s music.

For me, it is a thrill and an honor to be a part of something so special and something on the verge of becoming even greater than it already is. As we continue to grow this new organization, this collection of neighbors united through song, I invite you to focus on whatever it is that drives you to be a Hazelnut and share it with someone new.  It is through the continued growth and support of our members that we can expand on the foundation we have laid, and make Sister Hazel a household name and being a Hazelnut a household idea.

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