The Flower

This poem is about the endurance of love and how belief in a dream can keep you going.


In a meadow by the hill
Stood a sample of God’s will
A flower in full bloom
Unaware of impending doom
Surrounded by others blue
This flower’s color blossomed through
It stood out above the rest
In it’s meadow it was the best
Receiving life from rays of sun
This flower was the only one
To catch the eye of a lonely boy
Who had no home or food or joy
Captivated sat this child
For days and days he’d sit awhile
Admiring beauty with wishful thoughts
His heart had this flower caught
But dare he not touch this flower
The source of such a healing power
For in its beauty he found peace
Comfort, warmth and serenity
But as days passed the sky would change
And bring in wind and driving rain
The boy sought shelter from the storm
How could God disrupt his cherished norm?
The overwhelming sense of fear
His faced rained, too, with salty tears
For what would happen to his love?
As drops fell harder from above
Could it survive the rage and fury?
The idea of loss just left him leery
This was all he had or so he felt
And he prayed, eyes closed, as he knelt
Prayed for the storm to blow away
For the sun to shine just one more day
And so it did as the clouds cleared
Was it as bad as he had feared?
He ventured off in a final chase
Hoping his time was not a waste
Cried he did when he arrived
To find the flower still alive
For through the wind and through the rain
The flower steadfastly did remain
And rise above all the rest
As it survived this painful test
This flower bloomed more perfect still
A promise that it forever will
Be a symbol of undying love
And the perfect gift from God above


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