Remembering Dee

In loving memory of Mary Deanna (Dee) Curry
(1985 – 2006)

On the evening of October 17, 2006 tragedy struck the family of my girlfriend Lee.  Her 20 year-old cousin, Dee, was killed after having been hit by a car.  The pain and anguish felt by Lee and her family cannot be described with words.  There is nothing I can say that begins to depict the feelings and emotions collectively shared by a family in Southern Alabama.  Everything was so overwhelming, it was almost surreal.

I sit here two weeks removed from that tragic evening, pondering on what it is Lee and her family went through.  I wonder what thoughts and memories still exist in Lee’s mind.  In many ways, I have avoided capturing my own thoughts on the incident that occurred.  I have been afraid to deal with my own fears and thoughts about losing someone close to me.  Dee was a cousin, a sister and a daughter.  Dee had grandparents that adored her.  Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I know Dee was beloved by everyone she encountered.

I cannot begin to think what her family experienced and is still going through in losing Dee.  I have many cousins.  I have a brother.  I have a son and a daughter.  Devastation is only the tip of the emotional iceberg.  Disbelief, horror, and anger are only the beginning of the gambit of emotions that makes us question all we believe, and leaves us all forever bruised to the beauties of the earth.

As I mentioned before, I never met Dee.  Yet I had the honor of writing this poem for her and for her family.  It was the least I could do in their time of pain, and I hope that my words provide just the slightest ounce of comfort for them all.

Love is tender, Love is kind
It will open your eyes and make you blind
Love is innocent in the eyes of a child
It will capture your soul and make your heart wild
Love overcomes the pain and the sorrow
It allows us to face an uncertain tomorrow
Love is a force that is like no other
From a Nanny and Papa
From a mother and brother
The tears that we shed show our love for you
We’re at such a loss we know not what to do
Yet through the angst, loss and devastation
We believe in our God without hesitation
In His presence we know that you are
A light in the sky, a new shining star
Our world is darker without you here
Yet we feel in our hearts that your spirit is near
May your soul up in Heaven be filled with His grace
We’ll be looking at God
When we remember your face

Rest in peace, Dee.  Know that we love you and miss you terribly.

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