Relay for Life

This poem was inspired by my experience in participating in the 2006 Relay for Life event in Tampa, as well as the beautiful pictures taken by Lee at the event. May God continue to watch over the thousands of individuals fighting every day to beat cancer.

Additionally, you can read Lee’s recap of the experience.

It is said we cannot run away from our problems
Yet sometimes we can walk to help resolve them
A step is a step is a step
But collective steps in the same direction
Yield a bound forward towards a solution
Towards a cure
The heart provides the fuel that allows one foot to follow the other
Individuals walking together in one direction for one goal
And although there are different nations and cultures represented
We are all connected in our losses
Connected by the memories of loved ones
Connected by the fear of losing someone close to us
One more son
One more daughter
One more ray of sunshine gone from us forever
The sadness turns to anger
As the angels and demons in us all battle
Battle to understand why this disease rages on
And so, too, shall we
Rage on and press forward in our fight
Rage on and press forward in our efforts
To never give up
To never let go
To never forget
We harness the mosaic of feelings
And channel these feeling into steps
And steps
And steps
Each step feeding off the last
Until miles and miles have been traveled
And mounds and mounds of hope have been displayed
The list of victims is long
Too long
But the roster of soldiers ready to fight is longer
And in walking we fight for them
In walking we honor them
And in honoring them we find peace in our hearts

Photos by Lee Sullivan. Graphics by Gina Burdeshaw.
Finding Peace

Kudos to Leelee for taking such wonderful pictures of the Luminarias at the event.  Also, very special thanks to the wonderfully talented Gina Burdeshaw for putting together the collage of photos.   To say her work is spectacular does not begin to do her talents justice.

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