New Beginnings

Feeling, gut, that sensation that you ‘just know’
That little whisper that sounded like a scream
‘Open your eyes, my child’
The message is clear but the path is not

In trying to decide what my new beginning means
Where His hand is wanting to steer me
I find myself at war
My mind trapped in the battlefield of good versus evil
In the dead zone between active grace and passive damnation

For evil exists in all forms
Not always monstrous
Not exactly sinister
But equally destructive nonetheless

Passion and opportunity
Are slaughtered in the name of comfort and contentment
The status quo drives its heel
Into the neck of personal evolution

God’s love may fill my heart
But my earthly ways serve as a barrier
Kryptonite that encapsulates my brain
And prevents His message from penetrating
Satan’s deception finding victory
Against the army of His word

For it’s only when I stop looking that I see
Only when I stop listening that I truly hear
That whisper that sounds like a scream
And I find the key that unlocks the door to my new beginning

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