Made of Clay

As I sit on my pedestal
A jar made of clay
I invite the danger
As I swing and I sway

The thrill, the allure
The precarious play
For I am hardened and cured
One tough jar made of clay

I think of myself
Every hour, every day
I want what I want
And I want it my way

The cautions are many
I ignore what they say
For I’ll do what I will
And I’ll do what I may

And then there’s a slip
My confidence gives way
And gravity pulls hard
And I fall in dismay

I shatter in pieces
With consequences to weigh
Broken and scattered
My soul in decay

How humble it feels
To see dreams fade away
How broken it feels
To dread the next day

But hope’s not exclusive
It’s His gracious forte
A gift He bestowed
Once I managed to pray

His hands did caress
My now shattered display
And put back together
What I dared throw away

Renewed and redeemed
Is my story today
Cured through His love
Is my new jar of clay


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