It was through the darkness
And through the despair
Through all of the times
I threw away care

In the midst of chaos
You came to me
Quite out of nowhere
And unexpectedly

A smile, a handshake
Matter-of-factly direct
Who knew that in time
It’d be me you’d select

Your choice of a partner
A broken road to repave
A heart flawed and shattered
And needing to be saved

Who knew in those times
You would always stand firm
By watching your strength
I grew and I learned

Learned to be patient
That love starts with grace
Learned life is a journey
Not a hundred yard race

The years have gone by
Some crisp, some a blur
Not one thing I’d change
Not a memory defer

For even the bad
Made us better as one
A storm we endured
To revel in sun

So as I think back
Your love undeserved
We both stayed on track
Through straight and through curve

I thank you for all
That you’ve done for me
For enabling the man
I always wanted to be

I’m humbled in love
That you are my wife
Yet ecstatic to know
I’ll love you for life


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