Everything and Nothing

If they took your blue eyes from your face
I’d have no guiding light; I’d have no saving grace
If they took your smile that lights up the room
I’d be lost; I’d know not what to do

I need every inch that is you
Just to feel complete
I need everything that is you
Baby, can’t you see
That I’m nothing …………
I’m nothing without you
And everything because of you

If they took your arms, the ones that hold me tight
I’d be standing here defenseless with no will left to fight
If they took those hands that hold mine and caress with love and care
I’d be huddled in the corner, alone and oh so scared



All my life I’ve lived it thinking I can make it on my own
And now I’ve come to realize that everything I know
Is just an empty reality if it doesn’t include you
Is just a foolish catastrophe without your love so true

If they tool your soul so sweet, I’d die right where I stand
Because of you the boy in me has learned to be a man
If any piece that is your love were to go away
I’d crumble down and lose myself and not live another day



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