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Lee and I spent the first several days in the D.R. at the facility for RSL Productions in Santiago. RSL is partnering with Advocates of Love via Giving Hope to provide new property for the organization. Our prayer is through the collaborative generosity of RSL and their partners, a new facility can be built for our children. We’re affectionately referring to this effort as Campus 2.0, and praying everything falls into place for a 2020 completion date.

Our contact at RSL if Callan Sinclair, a chef from New Orleans, who now manages the RSL site in Santiago. He’s as generous as he is hyper, and it takes a little bit of effort to keep up with him once he gets going. He’s been a blessing to both Advocates of Love in general and Lee and me in particular, and I know our transition into D.R. life has been made easier by his support, generosity, and hospitality.

While in Santiago, we got to meet up with my friend Jhonny Rodriguez and his family. Jhonny is a medical doctor and dentist, and he is also a missionary. Formerly a missionary with SCORE (the same organization with which our church partners for mission trips), Jhonny is now working on developing a ministry in his hometown of Santiago. He is currently in Paterson, New Jersey, working to establish residency and eventual citizenship for his wife and kids. I ask you to keep him and his family in your prayers as they have many obstacles to clear in their immediate future.

We also spent time in Santiago car shopping. Long story short, we did not find a vehicle to purchase, in part because our budget is very limiting, but we did learn a lot about what we need and what we should avoid. In summary, we need an all-wheel-drive SUV or truck with capacity for four adults (i.e. quad-cab) that runs on regular gas (not Diesel or propane). Yes, you read that correctly. Many vehicles here have been retrofitted to run on propane. I know there is a Ford Pinto reference to be made, but I think it’s best left alone. We went with a rental through Hertz for a week and then switched to a private rental via the apartment complex at which we’re staying in Samaná. For now, we will bide our time with the rental until the right solution for a purchase presents itself.

We celebrated the 4th of July with a hearty BBQ cookout at the RSL facility, and on the 5th we loaded up our rental car and headed to Samaná.



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