196/365 Rain Delay

So after taking care of the much needed yard work – we’ve had so much rain this past month I basically have to mow the lawn twice a week – I started tackling the long overdue task of cleaning out my garage. Of course, that means taking everything out of the garage in order to arrange and re-arrange it back into the garage. Of course this plan only works if it’s not raining. Yep, you guessed it. As soon as I got everything situated outside of the garage, that afternoon rains rolled in.

NOT cool!

Following the rain delay, the motivation to finish the project was gone. Guess I’ll be tackling that on Sunday.

195/365 Reconnecting

Life has a way of making friendship meander to and fro. It had been years since I’d connected with a work buddy of mine, and through life’s crazy twists and turns, it turns out he’s practically my neighbor now and living in the community next to mine.

So, what else do you do when you haven’t seen someone in years? Go out for dinner and drinks, of course. And tonight was pretty awesome as Lee and I met up with my friend Bryan and his wife Elizabeth at Stonewood Tavern. From there, we meandered over to World of Beer for a couple of cold ones.

It was really great to get reconnected with my long-time friend, and also to see Lee and Elizabeth hit it off so well. I know we’ll be getting together again very soon.


194/365 A Man In A Suit

So Lee is in the process of obtaining security clearance for her job. That, of course, involves a background check, which, in turns, involves a contracted investigator meeting with people who know Lee and asking a lot of questions regarding her background.

Today was my turn to meet with the investigator. At first, I was pretty nervous. Actually, intimidated would be ther more correct word. As it turned out, however, it was actually a pleasant experience. No MIB brain neuralizer needed.

193/365 Good Fortune

Tonight we got together for dinner with the members of our growth group from this past Spring. It was great to see all those loving and familiar faces, and it felt like more than just a couple of months since our group concluded in early May. I feel like I’ve been in a personal funk since the group wrapped up, like when you do well on a diet and then let yourself go all over again. Being with the group was a reminder of how I can always do better with my life, both in small and big ways.

In addition to the wonderful food – we always have such wonderful food at our groups – the fellowship that was shared, as well as the loving spirit that filled the room, was just the kind of positive uplift I needed in my life at this time.We also took the time to discuss and plan for the next semester of growth group. I was thrilled to see we all were in agreement to use the same model we followed last semester, with Renee and Mark hosting and Lee and myself leading the group. I think we even settled on which topic we want to cover in our next group.

Getting back to the food, someone had brought, as their contribution to the pot-luck dinner, some fried rice and fortune cookies. I am a big fan of fortune cookies, and I opened mine with giddy anticipation. The message?

Getting together with old friends brings new adventures.

As I’ve said before, coincidence is just God showing off.

192/365 Angel Investor

There are times when everything just seems too overwhelming. Work, schedules, kids, diet, finances; it all just adds up to one big ball of stress.

Yet there are time when thing happen unexpectedly and from outta’ nowhere a the solution to problem or situation presents itself.

I am so very lucky to have the collection of friends that I do, and I am so very blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and giving people. It’s a reminder that when you put it all in God’s hands, He will provide an answer to your prayers.


Many thanks to my friend CG for the love and support.