Back in October, my wife challenged me to write every day in November. The push was in the spirit of National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo), and although I would love to write a novel or screenplay one day, I’m still a bit removed from being ready for that endeavor.

Still, she felt I needed to get back into blogging and I, too, thought it would be fun to saddle up behind the keyboard with more frequency than I have over the past several years.

But coming up with content on a daily basis is not easy. Some days, the blog posts write themselves. Other days, however, it’s a challenge to pull something interesting from what was otherwise a bland and mundane day.

I know I’ve mailed it in before, but as I pondered what to write for today’s blog, I simply drew a blank. I then thought about the 900+ blogs I’ve posted since I started writing in 2004 as well as other material, and figured I’d just reuse one of my favorites from the past. “I’ll post it as soon as I am done with this show,” I said to myself as I sat down to watch Animaniacs on Hulu.

Then this glorious and serendipitous thing happened. It’s as if the show was reading my mind.

So I leave you with this video from Animaniacs.

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