Following an amazing weekend of doing nothing except hanging with friends and chilling on a boat, we sadly made the trek back from Jacksonville to Dothan, Alabama.

Fortunately for us, Tallahassee is smack-dab on the way, and since we’d be driving through Tally, why not stop at Trader Joe’s?

Lee and I love TJ’s. Not only is the value excellent, but the quality of the products is so much better than what is available to us in Dothan. Not just that, the eclectic variety of products makes it worth the 90-minute trip for a grocery shopping excursion.

Our stand-up freezer is packed with frozen food items from Trader Joe’s, and they make for excellent, quick, healthful meals when we’re stuck trying to figure out what to do for dinner.

So if you find yourself near a Trader Joe’s (and by near, I mean with 150 miles of one), be sure to make the trip. It is totally worth it and you will not be disappointed.

As for quality time with the people you love, I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

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