Being “in-between careers” means having some extra time on your hands. Lots and lots of extra time.

I knew this going into the decision of stepping away from my previous employer. There would be a runway from the time I resigned until the next gig occurs, be it with another company or in the arena of self-employment. The blessing, in my case, is that the runway is rather long.

So as my wife and I dove into some of the details of this transition period, one thing that became evident was my role as chauffeur to her mom. To provide context, Lee’s work is 100% remote and provides great flexibility. So whenever my mother-in-law Patsy would have a doctor’s appointment, etc., Lee would take her because I was usually at work.

With the change in that dynamic, it only makes sense for me to be the one to take Patsy wherever she needs to go or run any errands she needs to be completed. When Lee would do it, it was obviously off the clock. For me now, there is no clock.

And I do so with pleasure. First of all, Lee has been very supportive of my decision to do something different, and it’s wonderful to be able to sit with her, plan with her, and have her help with the execution of our plans. More importantly, Patsy does so much for us on a daily basis, the least I can do is provide loving support in return.

I will admit there are times when I do not feel like stopping what I am doing to run my mother-in-law to an appointment (that Play Station isn’t going to play itself, after all), but it is a blessing to share time with Patsy and be someone on which she can rely.

After all, no one likes being left out in the cold when they have somewhere they need to be.

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