That’s It?

Six hundred miles.

…each way!

That is what I will have completed driving once I get back from my road trip to Miami.

Twelve hundred miles because the bank we’re working with can’t fast forward into the 21st century and utilize technology for the benefit of its customers. Eight months into this COVID pandemic and I still have to make a trip to a bank in Miami to provide a signature in person.

I met with the bank representative coordinating the paperwork and she handed me the first piece of paper. I read and reviewed it all (yes, I’m that guy) and signed. I got comfortable in the chair because I figured (i.e. assumed) this would be a lengthy process.

“Here’s the second sheet. This is the signature card.”

Excellent, I thought to myself. Let’s do this!

I signed it, handed it back, and motioned to the lady I was ready for the next form.

She looked at me, smiled, and said, “That’s it.”

For Realz?

Twelve hundred miles. That’s six hundred miles per page.

Twenty total hours. That’s ten hours per page.

(you get the idea)

I wanted to be mad. Actually, I wanted to be furious. Thank goodness I was wearing a mask.

But the truth is, there has been so much blessing on this trip. From seeing my daughter to crashing with my friends, to seeing my brother and his family in Miami; God has a way of sneaking blessing into circumstances we would consider to be anything but. Hey, God once used a drunk driver to get me out of a car lease!

So the moral of today’s abbreviated story is that circumstances may seem crappy (or bleak or hopeless or infuriating), but God is always working for us in those moments. It’s easy to miss. It’s easier to dismiss. But when you come around to the realization of what the blessing is, all that’s left to say is, “Ah! That’s it!!!!”

3 thoughts on “That’s It?

  1. Hey friend

    I’m so sorry you’re going through all this!

    Proud of you for being able to find positive in frustrating situations!

    I bet you’re exhausted!

    Get some rest.

    When do you head home?

    Take care Ele

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