Stay On Target

I was supposed to be in Miami today. The plan was for me to drive down early, meet up with my brother at the bank, sign some paperwork, and drive back to Tampa.

But Mother Nature had other plans, specifically a Tropical Storm with bands of rain and wind gusts of 65 miles per hour. I made the call early to stay put and make the drive to Miami on Tuesday.

And then I made a call to my daughter so we could share the day together.

It started at Target. We weren’t so much shopping as we were just passing the time together catching up on life. This Target in Wesley Chapel, Florida, has been renovated and looks nothing like the Target it was when it was first built. For my daughter’s entire lifetime, that Target has existed. And just as the store has become something different with new paint and an updated layout, my daughter has grown and flourished in her twenty-one years, both evolving into something bigger and better.

I think about all the hours (and dollars) spent in this store, and so much of it feels like a lifetime ago.

Two lifetimes ago.

But I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than in that moment with my daughter – my adult daughter – no longer talking as parent/child but rather as friends. Just two adults shooting the ____, enjoying each other’s company.

A complete blessing.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a visit to the veterinarian for her dog Jax. It was time for his shots and, again, it was a joy to be there with my daughter just doing everyday adulting stuff.

I still need to go to Miami. I still need to take care of my business. But for one day, it was so great to not have to ‘do’ anything or necessarily ‘be’ anywhere. No work, no worries, no complaints.

It was one of the best days ever.

The role of Jax will be played by Dax.

3 thoughts on “Stay On Target

  1. You spent the day in the best way! And oh, my, how your sweet girl has grown into a lovely young woman (who looks so much like her Dad). Hoping your travels to/from Miami will be safe when the time is right.

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