Daddy Duties – Part 2

Yesterday was my day with my son. Today I got to celebrate being a dad with my daughter.

After picking her up at her university and helping her partially move out of her dorm, Natalie accompanied me on several errands I needed to run. The first stop was the post office. We then headed over to the DMV so I could surrender the license plate of my car that was totalled in my accident. From there, our grumbling stomachs lead us to Panda Express. Then off to the credit union so Natalie could move her accounts from being U-13 (kids accounts) to her own, stand-alone accounts now that she’s eighteen years old. Following a quick stop at Target Optical to pick up replacement frames for the ones that were broken in my car accident, we headed home.

If I had trouble yesterday wrapping my brain around the fact my son will soon be seventeen, it was surreal at times having conversations with my adult daughter. The cliche is true: I still see her as my little baby girl. I still think of her in terms of picking her up from elementary school and taking her to dance recitals and soccer games. I still think of Natalie is terms of how old she was when she met Lee, and how she’s had over a decade of having both a mom and a step-mom in her life. She’s doing what I’ve always wanted her to do; flying out on her own and being her own woman. I just didn’t realize I wouldn’t be ready for it.

The last two days have been such a blessing. I will cherish this time I’ve shared with my kids. In the near future, Lee and I will board a plane to the D.R. and it will be an excruciatingly long time before I get a chance to do this again. But until that day comes, I will jump at every opportunity to still be a dad to my kids.

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