Support Structure

At the request of my new boss, Lee and I reached out to Bob and Joan Galasso. Bob and Joan are a couple who, for the better part of two decades, performed a ministry in which they ministered to missionaries. They work was not building houses or digging wells or painting or any other activity you’d normally associate with mission work.¬†Their mission is encouraging people in ministry who need to regain their passion and empowerment for Christian service.

We were encouraged to meet with Bob and Joan so that we could establish a relationship with them as we continue to prepare the move to fulltime mission work. From the moment we entered their house, it was nothing but open arms. It was apparent to Lee and me that Bob and Joan carried with them a wealth of knowledge, experience, and perspective that is invaluable to us, and we were both eager to plug into that wisdom.

Through Bob and Joan’s guidance, we pressed through some issues that were on our heart and mind. More importantly, we fostered a friendship that we know is going to be crucial for the both of us once we’re many miles away from our family and friends. It’s a friendship that will not only be there for us on those bad days that are sure to come, but will also have the willing ability to direct us and minister us through the hardship.

Every couple should have a Bob and Joan in their lives. Being able to share this time with them this weekend is yet another visible blessing from the Lord, and another reminder from Him we are moving in the right direction. To God all the glory!


3 thoughts on “Support Structure

  1. Love this photo and you are so right – we can’t have too many faith-filled followers speaking into our lives and encouraging us as we serve. So happy you are healing from your accident, too.

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