We spent two weeks here in Hahira before returning to Tampa last week for six days. In the two weeks we were here, we made a dent in terms of unpacking and getting everything set up in the pool house at Jeff and Lindsey’s. Still, there is a lot of chaos that needs to be managed.

One of the chaotic items is my workstation. I enjoy working on my laptop but I despise having it on my lap. I need a desk with a second monitor in order to be fully productive. Perhaps it’s a function of twenty years in IT (force of habit), but being without a space for my computer is very much outside my comfort zone.

I am happy to say I took time this morning to set up some of our old IKEA furniture in the space Lee is using as her home office (it’s supposed to be a laundry closet), thus allowing me to use the desk she had been using for my workstation.

It’s a lot smaller than what I had at my house, but I’ve come to realize this interim period between moving out of our house and eventually getting to the D.R. is practical training in downsizing and learning how to make the most of having less. I’ve been somewhat bummed lately because I am eager to land in SamanĂ¡ and start doing the Lord’s work, but I think He is having me learn (and re-learn) what it means to be patient and humble and resourceful in the face of limited resources. I feel I am ready but He’s making it clear I am not. So I shall make the most of this time and continue to trust in His provision.

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