With the continued hustle and bustle of Lee and me being in Georgia as we wait for our house to sell, it was wonderful to receive a call from my son. He was eager to tell me the results of his SAT had come in.


I haven’t taken the SAT since the Bush Sr. administration, but I do recall scoring a pedestrian 1050 on my exam. I am thrilled to see Danny do so well on his test, but following the initial celebratory comments of congratulation, I encouraged him to register to take the exam again in the Fall. My thinking is he scored 1290 without putting much, if any, effort into preparing for the test. If he applies himself and makes preparing for the SAT a focused effort, then scoring into the 1300’s is easily achievable. Getting into the 1400’s would put him into rare air, and many more doors would open for him in terms of college choices.

But the decision is his to make. Even if he doesn’t retake the test, he can be proud of the accomplishment. I don’t want him to settle for his first score (I took the test three times), but he has to want to retest. He has to want to make it a priority.

As the father of an almost seventeen-year-old, the role of parent is superseded by the role of consultant (and in this case, cheerleader). It’s tough to let my kids fly on their own, but it’s a realization with which I’ve been trying to be more and more comfortable in recent years. I like to think my ex, my wife, and I have done a good job in raising Natalie and Daniel, and it’s in moments of letting go we get to keep them close to us.

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