It was a strange and almost surreal experience, standing up in front of the congregation while my Pastor spoke loving, kind, and supportive words about me and the faith journey I am on. It was all part of the process of being ordained through my church and carrying with me the fully certified and recognized authority that comes with the title.

My new faith journey began in June of 2009 when my wife and I attended Relevant Church for the first time. Since then, Lee and I plugged into service ministry, small groups, volunteer efforts, and mission trips. I feel our spirituality has grown exponentially since we discovered: faith is about a relationship and not religion, faith is meant to be done in community, and that through our individual faith in God we are stronger together as a couple.

So as Pastor Paul completed the presentation of the certificate of ordination, I felt Lee’s name deserved to be on that certificate as much as mine. I would not be the man of Christ I am today if not for her guidance, direction, and support. I would not be on the cusp of moving to the Dominican Republic if not for her shared enthusiasm and determination to do God’s work. I may have attended the classes at Trinity College of Florida, but Lee was with me every step of the way.


It is an honor and a blessing to be able to celebrate this milestone in my life, and I owe a world of thanks to everyone who also helped make it possible along the way. I feel I am a reflection of the collective love and support I’ve received from my friends and family, and I hope I will continue to be a positive representative of this loving community in the years to come.

On a completely separate tangent, I sent a photo of me to our Technical Director Jarrett asking him if it could be included in the service. It was a picture from my First Communion, and no, it did not end up as part of the service. Although Jarrett wanted to use the pic, Pastor Paul was not on the same page.

Those in attendance at Relevant may have been deprived of this glorious artistry, but you won’t be. So please, enjoy!

Gil FC

7 thoughts on “Rev’d Up

  1. Baby, I am so proud of you. I know this process has not been easy for you, but I’m so grateful you saw it through to the end. I’m blessed to be able to be your sounding board and the one you’ve been able to bounce ideas and frustrations and moments of divine revelation as you absorbed every ounce of Bible knowledge you could while getting here. You have been “Pastor” Gil to so many for a while now so it’s incredible to see it be all official. I love you and congratulations.

    1. Thanks, Babe. It’s been a team effort, and I don’t think I would have pursued (let alone achieved) this moment if not for your encouragement from the beginning. I know we are an example of how God takes our broken to make something beautiful. As we start this next adventure together, I know God has placed me with the best possible person on earth with whom to move forward. Thank you for the love, thank you for the support, and thank you for being my best friend through it all.

  2. Gil and Lee! Congratulations ! Standing ovations! Aweplause! It has been wonderful to be on your awemazing walk of faith! You and Lee are the new generation of leaders for the organized church ! Deb and Mike took this step of faith and moved to Africa ten years ago! They heard God whisper and like you and Lee, they were obedient! Visiting their website will have you crying and praising God at the same time! So very proud of you both! It is obvious God had amazing plans for your life and I can’t wait to read your blogs from there! When, not if, I get through this very challenging season, maybe I could join a group from your church when they come to further God’s word with you there! Hey, I guess I better get a passport! Love, n blessings and of course, my daily prayers!

    1. Thank you again, Rick, and yes, get your passport now. I know the Holy Spirit will guide you through this wilderness season, and I wholeheartedly expect to see you loving on our kids in SamanĂ¡, D.R.

  3. Congratulations, Gil AND Lee. Because two are one in Christ, this accomplishment belongs to both of you. This milestone of accomplishment definitely deserves to be celebrated and I am so excited for all the things The Lord will teach you in the future as you lay down your lives to help children in the D.R. May He add favor and blessing to every task you put your hands to. Thanks also for sharing that beautiful photo – faith in the eyes of a child is a beautiful sight, for sure. Godspeed, dear friends!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. The path to ordination was indeed a team effort, and I am so blessed to walk shoulder to shoulder with such an amazing wife, partner, and friend. And thank you for the kind words about the photo. I shared it as a tongue-in-cheek way to make fun of myself, but your words reminded me that Christ has been with me since I was a child. I am humbly thrilled I found my way back to Him in 2009. Thank you for the perspective.

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