In preparation for the women’s retreat at my friends’ house, I agreed to help by picking up some of the litter and trash on the quarter-mile dirt road leading up to their property. Armed with a plastic container and a four-wheeler, I set out to pick up trash.

What I discovered is some people, in general, have no regard for the environment and will flippantly discard their beer cans and liquor bottles on the side of the road. I also learned some people, specifically those who cruise up and down Folsom Road in Hahira, Georgia, have a penchant for (in this order) Natural Light, Busch, and Bud Light.

And one of them has a girlfriend because there was a skinny can of Michelob Ultra.


4 thoughts on “Pick of the Litter

  1. I nominate you for a litterary award of excellence! Good observation of human behavior! No Beck’s? So proud of you and Lee as you continue your amazing walk of faith and community service!

    1. Thanks once again, Rick. As always, I appreciate the kind words and the support. As for the Beck’s, I don’t think German beer is very popular here in South Georgia.

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