When we met with our Realtor, we came up with a list of four items that definitely needed to be completed before we can list the house. He referred me to his dry-wall guy, and that handyman and his crew came by today and knocked it all out. The side wall that was covered with vines that had died and took the paint with them now looks like new.

I was very happy with work they did and I decided to use that momentum to finally install the new ceiling fan in the master bedroom. Although Lee and I will only enjoy it for a couple of weeks, I know it won’t hurt to have it installed. Besides, I bought it months ago so the least I could do is put it up.

I now remember why I don’t enjoy working with ceiling fans. Mechanically, they’re quite simple to install. Physically, however, they’re a pain (literally and figuratively). Having to balance yourself on a ladder with arms up and extended while you try to negotiate with tiny screws …. ugh!

My arms feel like Jell-O, my calves are still on fire, and I’m sure my back is going to be very angry with me in the morning. But hey, the fan looks great!

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