The alarm went off at 5:00 AM.


Instead of lazily sleeping in on this first day of the weekend, Lee and I trudged our way out of bed to begin setting up items for our garage sale. We worked in the driveway in darkness and fog. It was a scene right out of a classic, noir movie.

Are you sure you want to sell the wheelbarrow?

The thing with Florida fog is that it’s basically a big blanket of wet. By 6:30, the pages on the paperbacks were drenched, the electronics were dripping, and we were running out of paper towels.

But in the end, the sun broke through and we had a good turn out. I wish I could say we¬†sold everything¬†(hardly), but a lot of what we didn’t sell went straight to the Salvation Army. We have some items we’ll attempt to sell online, but today was a success in that we took a big chunk out of the ‘stuff‘ mountain that’s been in our garage.

And now … time to catch up on some sleep.

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