I love going to the movies. Big-release feature films geek me out. I love buying tickets in advance via Fandango and sitting in oversized leather seats at CineBistro. I loving being in the audience for opening night so that no one gets to spoil anything for me about a movie I love.

So with the recent releases of trailers for both Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2, I twinge with a mental ‘darn it’ at the knowledge I’ll have to wait quite a while after their releases in May before I get to see them.

I love, love, love Star Wars. I grew up on the original trilogy, and the idea of a Han Solo origin story is wonderful to me. I also love the film was directed by Ron Howard, which, to me, means it’s bound to be a great film.

As for Deadpool, there is perhaps no film that does a better job at combining humor and action. Yes, the language and content is not for everyone, but if you like super-hero flicks and you love Ryan Reynolds (who doesn’t?), then Deadpool is where it’s at.

Unfortunately for me, my first shot at seeing these films, each with a May 25 and May 18 release date, respectively, will be once they’re already out on BluRay. Yes, Lee and I will be doing wonderful work in the Dominican, but it’s a safe bet I am going to be a little bummed this Memorial Day weekend.

WARNING: Very bad language in the Deadpool 2 trailer.

Here are the official trailers for both movies. Gil is awesome. 

3 thoughts on “Things I’ll Miss (Part 2)

  1. You and Lee will be producing your own super- mission movie every minute you serve! Will we be able to get your blog once you are there, because, I for one, can’t wait to see what God is going to reveal to you!
    Looking forward to updates as it allows me to keep my prayer list as current as possible! So proud of you both and love you both!

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