Today we traveled to Hahira, Georgia, to spend the weekend with our good friends Jeff and Lindsey. We never need an excuse or a reason to make the three-hour drive up I-75 to their place, but in this case, we were invited to join them at their church for a concert by David Crowder.

I don’t know if it was the recent travel to/from the Dominican Republic, or the drive up to Georgia, or the eclectic¬†mix of food I consumed over the past week, but my chest felt like a pressure cooker that needed to be released. Every time I swallowed, it would burn down my throat. I’ve had heartburn before, but this was a five-alarm type of situation. I sat through the opening band’s performance hoping the chest pain and headache would go away.

Long story short, I borrowed the keys to my friends’ Jeep, skipped the performance, and took a nap in their car. Maybe it was being able to get horizontal combined with the quiet of being alone in the parking lot, but I felt better after taking a series of five-minute naps.

I woke up to Jeff tapping on the window. Turns out they all had a really great time at the show, and I was happy they did. When I asked for their keys they offered to leave and drive me home, but I felt that wouldn’t be fair to them. Meeting in the middle turned out to be a win-win for all involved.

I wish there was a deeper, more philosophical idea to which I could refer,¬†but sometimes the solutions to life’s little curveballs can be as simple as gracefully sitting it out for the evening.

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