Lee and I are hoping to finalize our commissioning as missionaries with Advocates of Love next week when we travel to the D.R. for a site visit. Tonight, however, we had a chance to take in some live music and enjoy the amazing voice of Elizabeth Bergeron, one of the board members for Advocates of Love.

Elizabeth and Dustin Sedlak make up Peaches and Dust, a fun, lively, and talented singing duo that gush joy and fun in their performances. As I mentioned the other night, I love music and it was great to sit back, eat some deep-fried bar food, have a couple of beers, and just let the songs lighten my soul. The fact the voice providing the notes and melodies belongs to someone who has a passion for service and shares the vision Lee and I have for what we can do in Samaná makes it that much better.

Lee and I are looking forward to establishing strong bonds with all the AOL board members, and a night of Buffet covers and brews is a great place to start.

3 thoughts on “Voices That Care

  1. So proud of you and Lee! Will be praying for you daily! Will you be able to send a weekly or monthly update from where you will be assigned. You and Lee remind me of the scripture….. Paraphrase….what you do for the least among us you do for Me. Prayers and blessings for your mission of service!

    1. Thank you so much, Rick.

      I will be documenting our new adventure via my blog. Assuming we are formally commissioned as missionaries for Advocates of Love (we hope we’ll have more information on that later this week), we will also be blogging on their site (https://advocatesoflove.org).

      Thank you for the continued prayers and support, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone abreast of any new announcements, etc.

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